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  • Rails - Diving into CSRF

    Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • Rust cargo resolve authentication issue

    Have you faced authentication errors while installing dependencies using cargo

  • Go private fields in Struct and JSON

    There was a recent experience when I was playing around with Go-lang’s struct and JSON marshal. Take a look at below example

  • Encrypt your file with openssl

    In today’s world, we rely on multiple software like LastPass, Lockwise, Dashlane etc for managing our passwords or Securing our files. Most of this software has few limitations / or we might need to pay for their services. The cost would be based on Storage / Usage.

  • Oauth with Python FastAPI

    Recently I was exploring the FastApi micro-framework of Python. There are many interesting features that are found in FastApi. While I was exploring FastApi in one of my projects, I was trying to integrate Google Oauth in my project.

  • Ruby with pry

    If you are ruby Developer, You must be using binding.pry very common for debugging rails / ruby projects. Do you know what is pry and binding? I will try to walk through about binding and pry. And also I walk through how pry is more powerful tool for debugging.

  • How binding works in ruby

    What is binding?

  • Hello Clojure

    My majority of my experience is with Ruby, even though I have hands on with Node.js, PHP, Python and Java.

  • Thread safety in Ruby

    When you are using Unicorn or Passenger Phusion based (community edition), you don’t have to worry about thread safety, Because these servers are multi-process (workers) based servers.

  • Ruby Application servers

    Ruby have many application servers which are widely used in production. For this Blog post, I would like to discuss about below 5 application servers.

  • Cap Theorm

    Understanding CAP theorm

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