Web Developer - Learner - Open source enthusiast


Sathianarayanan (Sathia)

Coding is my Hobby + Profession

I am Open source enthusiast. I believe in concept of Learning-by-doing. I have added some projects in my github. We welcome contributions to all of our open source repositories. These contributions come in the form of a Pull Request, where you "fork" our repositories and then request that we "pull" your changes back into our repositories


Technology I use

Ruby, Html, css, PHP, Mobility

40% Complete (success)

Ruby on rails, Apache

20% Complete

Javascript, Jquery, Node.js, User Interface, Mongo, Mysql

60% Complete (warning)

Programming Artifacts


Services for generating blogspot and wordpress blog as ebook.

Project Madurai

Project madurai takes title and author of above url. it will create cover page image for each title and author.


Corpus is a collection of words, tagged or annotated with their grammar components. We can use the text corpus to do the linguistic researches and projects. There are many projects run by government and many universities to create a text corpus for Tamil Language. Unfortunately, they are not open for public usage.


Ruby library that translates text given in english text to your preferred language using google translate.